Think your kid is using a vape? Get them tested!

Parents! Are you worried your kid could be using a vape, Juul (pronounce jewel), e-cig, cigarettes, chewing tobacco, or a different tobacco product? The Whiz Guys offer drug testing for these harmful substances or products. We test for nicotine or cotinine. Cotinine is the substance one’s body produces when they use nicotine which is commonly found in these products. Vape use is an epidemic among our youth. Popularity of the product continues to grow especially in children and young adults. Statistically, 1 out of every 5 high school student vapes. The fact of the matter is that vape companies are marketing towards your middle schooler and/or high schooler (or even worse your elementary student) with flavored vapes or juices. Parents, you need to keep your kid away from this dangerous product.

Testing for nicotine or cotinine is done through urine testing. Our testing starts at a cost of $50. This test is an instant or rapid test that gets results 5 minutes after the donor provides a urine sample.

Additionally, we offer lab testing at the rate of $65 per test. Lab testing is a more accurate testing procedure as compared to the instant test, however the test results typically take 1-2 business days to receive.

If you need a nicotine or cotinine test, THE WHIZ GUYS have you covered. Call now!