$100 Hair Drug Testing

Do you want to get serious about getting your workplace drug free? The Whiz Guys are now offering hair follicle drug testing! Let’s face it, urine drug testing or urinalysis falls short in detecting drug users. Urine drug testing can only check back a few days for drug use. Hair drug testing is superior to urine drug testing as hair drug testing has a detection window of approximately three months. Do you want to start screening prospective employees with preemployment drug testing that will go back months instead of days for detecting drugs? How about implementing a random drug testing program that will keep your employees honest about safety in the workplace? Let’s get started! The Whiz Guys can work with you to set up a contract to get rolling with a safe and effective way to get a drug free work environment.

Drug testing your employees will save you money over the long term. Drug use is a huge problem in the workplace. Drug users have higher insurance cost, call in sick more, make work comp claims more, and are less productive. All of these issues cost you money. The Whiz Guys can be your cost-effective way to get your company safe. Give us a call and we will review your drug testing policy. The Whiz Guys are here to keep workplaces safe and drug free!