$55 Instant Urine Drug Test

The Whiz Guys offer a 10-panel instant urine drug test at the low cost of $55 per test. The results are stated to be 99% accurate. After providing your specimen, the results are detected within five minutes. You can get rapid and precise results without having to wait for a lab and/or the medical review process. The Whiz Guys’s certified staff will provide a paper copy of the results and/or forward results through email or fax wherever they need to be sent.

What is better for Drug Testing? Lab Testing or Instant Testing?

Both lab testing and instant testing have their own benefits. When deciding what testing to have done in your workplace, it depends on what fits your company the best. The benefits of instant testing are that results are given the same day and the tests are still very accurate. This gives you the benefit of having potential employees start the job sooner. Also, the cost of an instant drug test is lower compared to lab testing. The drawback on instant tests is they are not as accurate or reliable as the lab-based tests. Additionally, if the instant test comes back positive, the specimen is sent to a lab to have confirmatory testing. In this example, the instant test acts as a screen test and the sample still needs to be sent to confirm the positive results. In the bigger picture, one would hope that most drug screens come back negative, which would make instant testing a great fit for your drug testing policy and procedures.

Lab testing is considered the gold standard for drug testing. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) and the Department of Transportation (DOT) require drug testing to be done through a lab. This is the only testing they accept. Having the testing of specimen done at the lab, outside of the collection site, improves security and provides trustable results. Also, the lab can immediately perform confirmatory testing if the initial testing is positive. Strict guidelines, procedures, and documentation is required with lab-based testing, which increases security and accuracy of the results. The negative on lab testing is that you must wait for results. Typically, negative results get back to us and forwarded to you within 1-2 business days, whereas positive results could take up to a week to get results. Although lab testing increases waiting time for results, the results are sure to be accurate and the procedures involved in the collection are secure and create reliable results.

When deciding on doing a lab drug test or an instant drug test, make sure to consider who needs the results. If it’s a personal test, the instant test could be a good fit for fast accurate results. Also, most workplaces would accept an instant test for preemployment screening. If a drug test needs to be done for court or a legal issue, the lab testing would be a better test to get you accurate results that would hold up if challenged. In a legal issue, instant testing could be argued to be unreliable. Also, if drug testing needs to be done when a donor has a prescription for a controlled substance, lab testing is recommended as each individual prescription can be signed off and verified.

Whether you decide on instant or lab drug testing, The Whiz Guys have you covered as we offer both services at a fair price. The Whiz Guys have local trusted service with reliable and accurate results for all drug and alcohol testing needs.